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Eden Premium Pillow

Eden Premium Pillow

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One Pillow, High, Healthy Life

A lofty, luxurious, and supportive alternative to down. The Eden premium is made with a blend of cooling gel-infused memory foam and microfiber and is ideal for those who want to sink into softness yet remain supported.

More comfortable fabrics are more intimate. Breathable moisture absorption, reduce the sultry feeling during sleep so that the human body quickly enters a good sleep state.

Higher density and longer care:- On the basis of the original, the density of the pillow core is increased, so that the pillow is more flexible, thicker and longer, and the sleep has a longer and better quality.

Latest ergonomic design:- Neck area city when sleeping sideways and sleeping on the side Protect your child's normal development.

  • Size - 45 cm x 68 cm


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