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La Casa Italian Collections

The Italians have been known for many things – but they are most known for their flair for art and beauty, and their beautiful homes. There is nothing quite as magnificent as an Italian home – classy, ornate, elegant are just some ways to describe these beautiful homes. La Casa has now made it possible for you to have your dream Italian home without having to move to Italy.

With its latest Italian interior decoration collection, La Casa has made it possible for you to experience the Italian home in your home. Impress your friends, family and guests, and have them wondering if you have just returned from a trip to Italy. That’s how convincing the La Casa Italy collection is.

La Casa embodies everything precious within an Italian home. Now, you can surround yourself in the latest home décor styles from La Casa. Enrobe your interiors in the finest quality Italian fabrics that have been carefully chosen and imported straight from this romantic country, or pick up an artefact or two to make a statement in your living room.

Duvet Set

La Casa brings you the Italian Duvet Set collection. Give your bedroom a complete makeover to imitate the ornate, gorgeously-guilted and elegant Italian bedroom.

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Duvet Cover Set

The La Casa Italy duvet cover sets collection allows you to explore the bold and daring side of you with duvet cover sets to match your every mood.

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Bed Covers

From mulberry silks that are the highest quality of silk that can ever be bought to Pima cotton that is the strongest and finest of cotton fabrics, you will find the best of Italian bedcovers that come with matching pillow covers and cushion covers.

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La Casa introduces you to its fine dohar collection made of the most breathable cotton, for those Indian summer nights. Made of three layers of the finest and most airy and breathable cotton, these dohars will let you sleep through the warmest summers.

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Comforters Summer

Comforters do just that – comfort you even in the warmest of summers. La Casa’s collection of summer comforters are light, airy and breathable. They feel light when draped over you and help you have a good night’s sleep.

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Comforters Winter

The La Casa winter comforter collection is just what you need to indulge yourself in to keep yourself and your loved ones cosy and comfortably warm during the cold winter months. La Casa offers the Down Feather, Mesh, Crochet, Balmy and Premium collections – each one softer, fluffier, and warmer than the next.

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The La Casa Italian bedroom collection introduces you to a collection of fleece blankets that will leave you wishing you could buy them all. Add warmth and comfort with our thick, velvety blankets that are luxuriously soft and warm, but super light, and available in a variety of bright colours as well as more subtle colours.

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Whether you are a lover of modern designs or traditional Italian-style homes, our fabrics fit perfectly in the urban Indian household. Choose from an exquisite range of fabrics for curtains and upholstery.

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At La Casa, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to our collection of pillows. Whether it’s baby pillows, bed pillows, or sleep pillows, you will find a never-ending range of pillows here, and you are sure to find one that will give you a good night’s sleep.

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La Casa’s fabric collection includes a range of high-quality fabric in a multifarious mix of shades of warm and cool colours to perfectly match and complement your home’s interiors. Mix and match our fabrics in innumerable combinations to make your interiors come alive with uniqueness.

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Spoil your skin by giving it a gentle rub with La Casa’s finest Italian-made towels. Modal material is known for its unique softness that is very hard to beat.

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Table Linen

For your tables, we offer a range of simple yet outstanding table linen for everyday use and holidays. Or adorn your tables with La Casa’s range of fine and exquisite range of table linen designed for special occasions.

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Italy is famous for its structures. It’s no wonder then that they create the most exquisite of artefacts. La Casa introduces a wide range of Italian-made artefacts to enhance the beauty of your interiors. Our wide range of products include different styles and designs, and you will definitely find something that will find a treasured place in your home.

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La Casa has brought to India the most exquisite collection of dinnerware sets, drinkware and flatware from Italy. We have travelled the length and breadth of Italy to find the best ceramic designs and patterns for you.

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