Comforters Summer

Comforters do just that – comfort you even in the warmest of summers. La Casa’s collection of summer comforters are light, airy and breathable. They feel light when draped over you and help you have a good night’s sleep. The Premium collection of summer comforters is available in summery abstract prints and delicate floral prints – all in white, to add to the coolness of the season. The Cotone collection is created of the finest cotton material that keeps you cool and also helps your skin breathe easy while you sleep.

The Lustre collection adds luxury and finesse to a building with its gentle lustrous sheen in solid colours with self-patterns.

The Protein Collection of summer comforters is for the bold and royal Italian-type bedroom that is eager to make a strong and bold statement. Available in bold, subdued solid colours.

The Mesh collection of summer comforters adds a touch of delicacy to the bedroom with its intricate laced edges.

For a bold and vibrant bed, adorn it with a summer comforter from our Balmy collection – strikingly large and bold floral patterns that mimic a garden in a temperate, warm and summery climate.